About Us


Big Little Lemons is a passion project, a little idea with big potential. I know I’m
not alone when I say that I always stocked up my undies when travelling or
requested friends and family to get some cute lingerie from my favourite
Here’s a fun new way to shop for underwear. Big Little Lemons brings fresh,
high quality undies that are super cute, straight to your doorstep.
Refresh your top drawer with new style drops every month. Choose from
monthly, quarterly or half yearly plans! Don’t worry, you can skip in between
months, swap bags and plans, pause your subscription or even cancel at any
We get that everyone’s requirements are different so we offer personalised
subscriptions to fit your needs! Think of the BLL subscription as a treat to
yourself, when you want it! It’s affordable, flexible and convenient.

How It Works?
Choose your size
Choose your style
Choose your bag
Choose your payment plan

Become a member to get free shipping and access to the We Got You program :)

It’s that simple!